Joseph Weinstock
Prior to the establishment of Green Island, Joseph Weinstock served as CEO of Shomera Insurance Co. Ltd in Israel.
Under his leadership from late 2002 to 2010, Shomera expanded from glass insurance into general insurance, becoming one of Israel`s most esteemed insurers. The company pioneered innovative insurance products, through the use of advanced technology, but took its greatest pride in providing first-class service to its customers, regularly taking first class in annual rankings by the Ministry of Finance, and in quality surveys by the Israeli Bureau of Insurance Agents and Brokers.
Shomera`s steadily growing activity and profitability led to its acquisition in 2007 by the Menora Mivtachim Insurance group, which maintained it as a stand-alone company operating independently, based on the solid foundations laid for it.
Now at Green Island, business values successfully practiced in real life are being put to the service and benefit of others.